Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SuperImage Facebook

I was in charge of creating a facebook page for SuperImage.

It can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/SuperImageProductions/

My goal for the SuperImage facebook page was to create a simple but appealing page for our customers to interact with. I decided to have the profile picture be our black and white logo because it is simple and gets to the point. The cover photo is our poster for SuperImage, if you click on it you will see the whole poster. The poster was too large to be able to the see the whole thing on the cover photo. I decided to just have the bottom of the poster showing on the main landing page because it flows nicely and has the companies contact information.

To make it easier for people to find our page I created the handle @SuperImageProductions for the page. This handle can be used to search for our page or used to mention SuperImage in other posts.

For ease of contact I added a contact us button which pulls up our website and email. Further down the road a phone number could be added. 

If you click on the "About" button on the page it will take you to the short description that I came up with for SuperImage. "SuperImage strives to produce quality productions on a high level. Bring your stories to life with our passion for film."

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