Tuesday, April 25, 2017

SuperImage Facebook

I was in charge of creating a facebook page for SuperImage.

It can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/SuperImageProductions/

My goal for the SuperImage facebook page was to create a simple but appealing page for our customers to interact with. I decided to have the profile picture be our black and white logo because it is simple and gets to the point. The cover photo is our poster for SuperImage, if you click on it you will see the whole poster. The poster was too large to be able to the see the whole thing on the cover photo. I decided to just have the bottom of the poster showing on the main landing page because it flows nicely and has the companies contact information.

To make it easier for people to find our page I created the handle @SuperImageProductions for the page. This handle can be used to search for our page or used to mention SuperImage in other posts.

For ease of contact I added a contact us button which pulls up our website and email. Further down the road a phone number could be added. 

If you click on the "About" button on the page it will take you to the short description that I came up with for SuperImage. "SuperImage strives to produce quality productions on a high level. Bring your stories to life with our passion for film."

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I took this photo in Los Angeles over spring break. The building on the right is The Broad art museum. This image represents the rule of thirds by having the two structures on each side with the sky in the middle. This divides the image into thirds.

The Diagonal rule is represented by the lines on the building on the right. If you look at them closely the diagonal lines cross each other and can send the eye on a z-axis.

The diagonal lines on the structure to the right also represent graphical vectors that have a strong sense of direction. These vectors encourage eye movement out towards the sky.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Bad Design

The first design flaw that stands out to me with this package is the composition. The way that the lettering is placed behind the circle part of the logo is confusing because you can't read what it says. The second composition flaw is the placement of the spoon and fork. The fork by itself on the right side throws off the balance along with the spoon not being centered. 

The package has a lack of texture to it, the only texture you get is the quinoa in the window. When it comes to color all the orange seems to be over whelming. The hue of most of the package is a darker or lighter shade of orange. 

When considering gestalt principles this packaging lacks similarity and proximity. No similar shapes are grouped together, which also creates a lack of closure because it doesn't seem to come together.


Good Design

The composition on this package is well balanced. The pure logo is centered with the window that shows the quinoa. The point created from the logo leads you down to the window. The slightly curved line through the middle separates the two tones nicely.

The design on the package creates a unique texture and a nice background. The top half is a pure white color that relates to the brands name. The green has great value that compliments the white and makes the window and quinoa standout. 

This package displays proximity and similarity by the placement of the two circles at the bottom in each corner. I get a sense of closure from this package by the way it is organized and brings everything together. 


Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Contrast, Balance, and Harmony

The first characteristic of contrast that I notice is size. You get an idea of the size of the canyon because of the contrast in size to the kayakers on the river. There is also a great contrast in texture between the canyon walls and the river. The texture of the rocks is rough while the texture of the river smooth and silky.

This image communicates balance to me through the symmetrical canyon walls on each side. Also the shoreline creates a V that coincides with the V of the canyon creating a nice balance. There is also a good balance of light and dark colors with the bright blue sky and the dark and light rocks.

This image displays good characteristics of contrast and balance which makes it harmonious. Everything seems to come together with the coinciding V's, contrast in texture and size, and the canyon walls against the bright blue sky in the back ground.

Using Gestalt applications I recognize that this image becomes an organized whole to me. I have been on three river trips and they were some of the most amazing experiences I have had in my life. When I see this image it takes me back to the feelings and emotions I experienced on the river.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This picture is very pleasing and beautiful to me. There is a lot of meaning behind it and it excites me when I try and figure out what it is trying to say. To me it tells a story of something man made and powerful being over taken by nature as if it doesn't approve.

The first thing that stands out to me is that the balance is very symmetrical, with the space ship in the center and equal amounts of dark, cloudy sky on each side. It has a low color intensity because the colors do not have much strength, they seem to blend into each other.

The contrast of this image gives it an isolated feel. The shape of the rocket combined with the consuming vegetation seems to be creating a mountain shape. Most of the image seems to have a rough texture giving it an aged look. You can tell that the ship has been sitting there for a long time. You get sense of the size of the ship with the placement of the man/woman on the horse.

I love that this picture illustrates this high tech, man made structure being over taken by nature. It is even being witnessed by the person on the horse. This image seems to pull everything together with it's color, space, balance, and texture.

Monday, January 16, 2017

My name is Lincoln Thorell, i'm from West Jordan, Utah and am majoring in communication at DSU. I am a senior this year and looking forward to being done with school so I have time to discover new fun and interesting things in life. I have a passion for cooking and eating well, discovered that nourishing the body with wholesome food is essential to a long and happy life. I also love basketball, exercising, meditating, hunting, and doing things that get me out of my comfort zone. I am looking forward to this course because I want to learn how to break down images and acknowledge all the different contexts that they present.